Fashion has evolved over the last 50 years and there seems to be three major landmarks in western fashion that have influenced the way we dress today. The first is the provocative influence of the mini skirt that took the western world by storm in the sixties. In the eighties, the new evolution of music also changed the way people dressed. Today, our clothing is heavily influenced by a favourite past time that almost everyone loves: sport.

The miniskirt

During the sixties, the miniskirt was a huge controversy. Feminism was a hot topic—one that caused tempers to flare. This piece of clothing was a lot more than just a short dress. The miniskirt became a symbol of feminist expression and thousands of woman flocked to buy and wear these garments. Women who wore miniskirts did so in order to make statement—and there was no mistaking what that statement was.

Hip hop fashion

Another interesting step in fashion was the advent of the hip hop genre in the eighties. Youngsters in America relished the chance to overdress in baggy pants and oversized caps. Shirts that were one or two sizes too big were worn by both men and women to make their statement that they loved hip hop. These types of clothes are still worn today, and although some styles have changed, the look still remains close to the way it started approximately thirty years ago.


Today, though many don’t realize it, a lot of what we wear is closely related to sportswear. Water sports such as surfing have promoted brands such as Quicksilver and Billabong. Motorcycling has brought out popular brands like Alpine Stars which comes in a range of both casual and formal wear. Although these designs have often been far removed from the sports they originate from, they are still popular brands that are worn by everyday people in all types of situations.

Looking back at how fashion has evolved over the last few decades says a lot about how we have changed as a society. Yet somehow we carry forward so many of the fashion trends of the past into the present. Today, we can look at clothing and see all three elements in certain subtle aspects of what we wear. What may interest some is the question of how fashion will evolve in the future, and what will be the main factor in that evolution.

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