Tips And Ideas For Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On Gun Control

A cause & effect essay is one that looks at the relationship between two events. One would be the cause of the other. It looks at why something happens and what the results are. When you are asked to write a cause & effect essay on gun control, there are some tips and ideas that you can use to help you complete the task successfully.

  1. Determine the cause(s) and the effect(s)
  2. The first step in the process is to distinguish which of the events caused the other. One event answers why something happens and the other answers what happened because of it. There are times when you will have one cause and multiple effects. Other times you will have many causes for one effect.

  3. Develop a thesis statement
  4. You will now create a thesis statement which will be the main idea for your paper. You will need to make sure that you use the words cause & effect or at least one or the other.

  5. Create an outline
  6. You will now need to organize the details that you will use to support your thesis. You have to decide the best way to present your evidence and in the right order. You can present the evidence in a chronological order where you start with the first event and then continue on with the sequence of events that happened in the order that they happened. You can also arrange the supporting evidence by importance. You can start with your most important piece of evidence first and go to the least important. It may also be better to start with your least important piece and go to the most important.

  7. Add transitional phrases
  8. The next step is to add the transitional phrases that link one topic to the next. You can use simple words like first reason, second reason, or third reason. You can also decide to use phrases that link the things specifically. For example, you can write something like this:

Although it is important to read your text book when studying for the test, you can also review your notes.

The initial paragraph would give information on how reading the textbook will help prepare you for an upcoming exam. This transition will help you branch to the second idea which would be that reading the notes can help you study.

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