Several prompts how to write a rhetorical essay

When you are writing a paper it is recommended that you start with a pre-write. To do a pre-write follow the steps below:

  1. Write down your thesis
  2. Write an outline
  3. Write a first draft
  4. Revise your paper and polish it

You might also start with a free write. This is where you give yourself a blank sheet of paper and begin writing any ideas that come to mind in a few minutes’ time. Set an alarm and just write whatever flows in your brain on the paper. You may be interested to find that you discover the ideas for your paper before you even write, or you may discover them as you are writing.

Now it is time for revisions. After you finish your paper, it is best to get away from it. We need distance from those things we love and those things we hate. Whether your paper is something you love or hate, you need to get some distance. You need to stay away from it for at least a day, a week if you have it. Then you come back and read through the essay. As you are reading it, reflect on how a first time reader would feel. Think about the transitions and whether they seem to jump from place to place or if they flow properly. Check the context and see if your thesis is quite clear to the audience.

Ask others to read the paper once you are done with your proofreading and get a second opinion. Ask for their impressions or notes and find areas where you might need more detail or different descriptions. Try and remove any information which distracts from the focus of your paper. See if you have presented the information in the most effective order possible.

Consider the following prompts if you are looking for inspiration:

  • You can write about a childhood event that taught you an important life lesson
  • You can write about a meaningful achievement in your life
  • You can write about the moment you first realized how important something in your childhood really was
  • You can write about a current political event and how the media is shaping it
  • You can write about advertisements toward children and their effects on obesity rates
  • You can write about the impact of technology on information dissemination

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