Common Food Contamination

Food is source to keep Human beings alive, energetic and active. And food borne illnesses are mostly the main culprit for a majority of our illnesses. Apart from the grown-ups, the kids are most vulnerable and susceptible to food borne illnesses and food contamination is the major cause behind these all food borne illnesses and that is the reason why doctors often ask the parents to watch over their kid’s foods vigilantly to prevent it from possible threat of contamination. In this article, we will discuss various common food contamination and its causative factors.

Our daily food contains various minerals, nutrients, fruits, vegetables and meats. Degradation in the qualities and decreased freshness in the qualities of these above mentioned ingredients attributes towards food contamination. So, let’s have a look at few very common food contamination. We can classify food contamination roughly into two segments. 1. Environmental and organic borne food contamination & 2. Chemical borne food contamination.

  1. Environmental and organic borne food contamination: Environmental borne and organic factors such as various microorganisms which constantly floats in the air and our surrounding environment are the major contributors and the most prominent agents causing food contamination. Some of them are- bacteria, viruses, parasites, various types of molds, allergens, toxins, miscellaneous contaminants, etc. Some fatal bacteria that causes food contamination which leads to prolonged illness, hospitalized treatment and even causes death in some are: E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Clostridium. Toxoplasmosis is one of the food borne diseases that is caused when food is contaminated with parasites. Meat and pork are at higher risk for this type of contamination and it tends to effect the old adults and pregnant women and children the most. So, it is always advised to buy, cook and store these type of foods very carefully and cautiously. Another common and deadly food contamination is through Salmonella bacteria which commonly contaminates fruits specially papaya and cantaloupe, green and leafy vegetables like spinach and cauliflower and poultry products like eggs. Another major lookout is the food contamination through bacteria and viruses of the dairy products like milk and cheese and various sort of fishes and other sea foods like Tuna and oysters. Vegetables like potato and tomato also causes

  2. Chemical borne food contamination: The major chemical borne food contamination is caused mostly through water. Presence of excess chlorine and arsenic in the water we use to drink and cook our foods can be fatal. Another source of contamination comes through the irrigation water where often traces of pesticides are found which in turn contaminates the vegetables and crops and even the fresh produces at times. Hence, every one of us must be careful in selecting what we eat and cook and as per FDA we can avoid food contamination by simply following these C’s in our lives-1. c- Common sense, 2. Clean, combat of the contamination, 3. Proper cooking and 4. Storing the cooked food and other ingredients in a chilling environment. Also, everyone is encouraged and advised to buy mostly the fresh produces and to wash the vegetables, fruits, poultry and meat products thoroughly with fresh water before eating and cooking.

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