Abortion: Religious And Ethical Aspects

The issue of abortion has been discussed for a very long time now. It does not seem to be near the end or close to finding a perfect solution that will be taken by the church, the medicine fraternity, the politicians and the rest of the world. However, I believe that the morality of the reason behind which abortion is performed is dependent on the involved parties. Religion and ethics will remain in conflict, and it may take a lot of effort for the two to see things in the same dimension.

Religion Against Abortion

All religions have come together to oppose abortion actively. Religion believes in conservation of life. They believe that life starts after conceiving. The Christians believe that children are gifts from God. In addition, they believe that He is the only giver of life, and He is solely the only person with a right to take away life. Abortion is taking life and is against the Christian religion. In the case of unplanned pregnancies, Christians believe in the correct timing of God. The church, however, allows for abortion when the mother is at risk. This is different to what is termed as the direct abortion or abortion that is willed. The Hindus also believe that the soul is joined to matter after conception. Some differ with this notion and though they lack clear evidence claim that the soul is only joined to the body in the seventh month after the design. Despite this, they still hold to the teachings against abortion unless in efforts t save the mother after complication. In fact, they refer to this as induced birth when there is a pregnancy complication. According to the Buddhists, an action is wrong depending on the intentions. Those people that look at the underlying consequences and arrive at different conclusions about abortion should not be judged.

Ethical and Moral Aspects

Some people will look at abortion as evil as the time continues. This is the ethics used by most abortion advocates that fight for the rights of abortion during the early months and more so the first semester of pregnancy. Some people that are for abortion will advocate for it when it is early as possible. This time, it is believed that the human has not developed, and that fetus is not a person. This way they argue that abortion at this stage is not murder as there is no life or soul.

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