Human Nature

Human nature is a fascinating concept. It refers to those things inside of you which are natural and instinctual. These might include survival as well as a drive for sex and even spirituality. Signs of your human nature can be found through non-verbal communication such as body language.

“Your eyes says it all”, is what a guy would use to woo a girl. But every part of the body gives out information about what you are feeling and your current state of mind, no matter who you are. Body language reading or judgment is very important in all fields and aspects of life and can benefit you socially as well as professionally.

Some key aspects of body language we usually know by default. I am sure you would be able to tell by the expression of your girlfriend’s face and posture that she did not like the gift that you gave her. She never had to tell you that. It is all on the face. Eyebrows risen up would signify anger or contempt feelings towards a person. You should try and notice your professor when the class does not seem to listen to him/her. The look will tell you all. A smile also is an important aspect of a person’s body language. I am sure we all are able to recognize that it is a fake smile and the other person is not pleased to meet you. This is signified by a lack of movement in the eyes with a smile whose curves face downward instead of up. But when you see a natural smile it does feel good and comforting.

Even the posture of a person would tell you a lot. You should notice the shoulders of a sports person; they are always held up, stating that he is a proud person and up for the challenge. But, a person who has lost at a game or made a loss in a venture, his shoulders would be drooping signifying that this person is sad and would need some motivational talk from his dear ones. This would even be true for a person who is heart broken in love. The state of mind shows clearly in your expressions and even in the way you walk and stand. Knowing to interpret deeper meaning of lesser-known actions would be extremely beneficial for everyone. It offers a better understanding of human nature and all that we really are.

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