HR In The Global Environment 

Human resources in the global environment is expanding. As companies reach across the waters and begin to employ foreign employees or add to their company they need human resources departments that can handle a global environment. This means that they must adhere to the duties of a human resources job in a variety of countries and languages.

A human resources job description will include not just the responsibilities of human resources, but the experience required to become a human resources employee in the global environment, the education required, as well as any additional training needed to improve as a human resources. The duties of human resources personnel are also included within any human resources job description. Human resources are the lifeblood of any organization. In many larger companies the HR generalist, mangers, and directors have very clearly defined positions with ascending orders of authority and responsibility, but in smaller organizations both responsibility and the relationships between departments may be less clear. In some places HR directors and managers may head up several departments, or there may be some very specialized personnel such as a training manager, a compensation director, or a recruiting specialist.

HR staff is at their best when they are advocates both of the company and of the employees. This requires a kind of constant balancing act which is often hard to maintain, but when exercised properly can be the driving force which holds a large and often highly diversified corporation together. Today human resources staff needs to be incredibly adaptable so that, as the changing demands of the company make themselves known to the employees, all can respond in kind. HR professionals should be mentors, advocates, and ultimately partners in the work of building up the company and its team.

And in a global environment it is imperative that human resources be able to work within a variety of countries. This means that they must have translation services available and be able to communicate with other countries. They must be able to translate documents and ensure that the various customs of that country are adhered to. For example: if certain days are federally considered a holiday in another country it is the responsibility of the HR departments to incorporate this.

Overall a human resources position within the global environment requires companies to adhere to the duties of a human resources department and incorporate different languages and customs. Whatever other responsibilities may ultimately fall to the HR specialist, the invariable domain of human resources is precisely that, the human capital of the company itself.

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