4 Golden Rules Of Getting Essay Writing Help Online

Golden Rule# 1:

Always make sure the writer is experienced, qualified, native, and flexible

The most important thing about your essay is that a professional and experienced writer writes it. You need to talk to the writer and see his work samples in order to assure that he is knowledgeable and experienced. You should discuss the requirements clearly and ask for suggestions to determine if he can take initiative and understand your preferences. Also, never hire someone from the overseas because he might not have good command over the language

Golden Rule# 2:

Do not ignore the payment policies, methods, and terms before you place an order

Remember that everything about your essay needs to be clear in the beginning. Do not rush with placing an order unless everything is sorted out between you and the company or writer. You need to make sure that you and the writer agree to the same milestones or process of payment. You must always pay through a reliable platform instead of using direct bank transfers. Whether you need a certain number of revisions or any other requirements, you should decide that before the order

Golden Rule# 3:

Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement while working with freelancers

This is a good way to make sure both parties agree to the same terms. When there is a written agreement, there will be very low chances of miscommunication or commitment. You can refer to the NDA and see what the initial terms were. This helps the writer rely on you because he knows your details and claim his payment if you disappear after receiving the essay. A professional writer will never hesitate to sign the NDA with the client

Golden Rule# 4:

Always keep a margin between the delivery date and final date of submission at the school or college

You might wonder why it is necessary to keep this margin and why you cannot simply receive the essay on the last day and submit it.

Remember that even professional writers can ignore some basic errors like commonly confused words, jargons, irrelevant details, typos, grammar etc. They may even fail to understand the requirements for your paper and follow the wrong direction. You need to keep this margin for revision and proof reading. If anything goes wrong, you should have enough time to ask for a revision or check on your own

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