Sir Francis Drake

Perceived as a hero by the English and a pirate by the Spaniards, the personality of Sir Francis Drake evokes rather interesting aspects that should be properly explored. His fame is the product of his legendary exploits, leaving a memorable trace in English history. Regardless of the controversial details about Sir Francis Drake, one thing is clear: his dynamic life and personal achievements have made him an iconic figure, arising respect among his contemporaries as well as plenty of generations ahead.

In the period by the 1560s, Francis Drake travelled to Africa with the purpose to participate in the slave trade, which was dominant at that time. In this act, many of his opponents saw a solid element of controversy in the sense that he not only sailed to New Spain to expand the slave trade but also disregarded any clauses of Spanish law. In his life as a privateer, Francis Drake received a privateer's commission from Queen Elizabeth I. Such an important moment is indicative of his legacy and power in the described historical period.

Under the protection of Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Drake was sent to fight against the Spanish in the Pacific coast of South America. His strong determination to succeed in the expeditions he led resulted in his decision to reach the Pacific Ocean. Owing to his love of adventures and organizing expeditions, Francis Drake was identified as the first Englishman who has been successful in circumnavigating the world. In addition to that, he became a rather wealthy man because of his skills to generate a substantial amount of wealth. As a result, he received the honor of being recognized as a knight in 1581. Later in the same year, Francis Drake demonstrated another impressive achievement, his election to the House of Commons.

The numerous expeditions in which Francis Drake participated are indicative of his decisive nature of being a leader who has the capability to attract followers and discover the thrill of unknown lands around the world. His heroism is well documented in English history, making generations of Englishmen proud of their rich historical heritage, part of which is Sir Francis Drake: an emblematic figure that has become a symbol of national courage and cultural identity.

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