Process essay writing: how to compose a deep description

Some students think descriptive essays are very difficult, but in truth they’re some of the easiest essays to write! To understand the process of writing a deep descriptive essay, it’s a good idea go over some of the challenges first.

The Topic Seems Too Narrow

This is the biggest complaint that students have about descriptive essays. How can they write so much about one specific thing! Whether it’s a person, a place, or an event, it can seem like a chore to try and write even a whole page on just one distinct subject.

Running Out of Adjectives

The second problem students have is trying to come up with enough adjectives. They start with what they know and then they give in to repetition by looking up the same words again in the thesaurus.

Solving the Descriptive Essay Conundrum

These steps will simplify writing descriptive essays so much they’ll soon become your favorite kind of essay to write!

  • Brainstorm

    Before you try to make an outline or a rough draft, brain storm all of your ideas about the topic. Don’t worry about repeating yourself, just fill a page with words and phrases. Write as many as you can in fifteen minutes.

  • Break it down

    Now, go over what you’ve brainstormed and pick some categories out of your notes. Some of them will be better than others. Pick two or three and repeat the brainstorming process by focusing on the categories one at a time.

  • Make a list of metaphors or similes for each category

    This is key, and it’s what will save the student from “adjective drought” and repetition in writing. Metaphors and similes are used to compare the object or topic to another object or topic, instead of directly describing it with adjectives. Come up with at least one or two metaphors or similes for each category.

  • Create an outline

    For each category, create an outline for a body paragraph for your essay. Include your main ideas on describing it as well as the metaphors or similes you chose. Also, create an outline for the introduction and the conclusion.

  • Write your rough draft

    Following the outline, write your rough draft, focusing on describing each category rather than the whole topic at once.

  • Edit and proofread

    Once your draft is done, correct any mistakes and make small improvements.

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