A List Of Original Narrative Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

Narrative essays are used to tell a story by the author. The story is usually from a person’s perspective and is also usually used to make a point. The common characteristics of a story are used. These include various characters, situations and events, a plot and a start and an end. The focal point of this type of essay is the plot. The story has a purpose and this is usually stated in the first sentence or the opening paragraph. This type of story sometimes uses dialogue and the writing is used to provide details and context to the story in terms of descriptions of the setting and surroundings. The events are usually described in a chronological manner.

The elements of these essays have to mesh together in a way so that the reader does not get confused by jumbled ideas. Planning how to write it in advance is a good way to keep a structure and succeed in writing a great piece.

The first step of writing an essay is usually choosing the topic if it has not been assigned to you already. This is an extremely important step and has a great bearing on the outcome. Read on below to find some great topics and get inspired:

  • Sixty seconds of exhilaration: playing a game of football
  • My time writing a novel about life and its complexities
  • What having a baby taught me about being a father
  • What being a writer taught me about being organized
  • What my year off travelling taught me about the world and its people
  • What I learned while working part time as a computer repair person
  • How I became a sage by being a part time bartender during school vacations
  • How the death of a grandparent affected my life in a truly profound way
  • How the sport of spelunking cured me of my fear of heights and dark spaces
  • How to survive in a life threatening natural disaster: my perspective
  • What I learned from my time in high school
  • What I learned from my travels in Dubai and the Middle East
  • The life lessons I learned while I was learning to drive
  • The perfect summer day: a walk through my imaginary world
  • The proudest day of my life, so far: when I graduated high school
  • A tale of my most embarrassing day; when a dream turned into reality

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