How To Write A Good Critical Analysis Essay On Modernism In Literature

Every period has its own sentient definitions that it sticks to. Without this adherence, the period will lose its entity at least in relevance to the theme. You can analyze the literature of Victorian and Elizabethan era to understand how distinct the individual strains are.

How Modernism was bred

Modernism in literature was given the air by Walter Benjamin sometime in mid-19th century and the air has continued to blow. There is a conscious effort to brook a different style of writing; clearly distinct from the stereotypical literature of Shakespearean address.

Sense of identification

When you set to write a critical essay on Modernism in Literature, you have to place the readers with the various strains that identifies with modern times. For instance, poetry is a lot about dark humor and blank verses these days; almost in all languages.

Manners of experimentation

Your essay may also ensconce itself on how prose writers have begun to experiment; whether with abstract extractions (She) or narrative form (Scarlet letter). You can also bring about how James Joyce used the idea of penning whatever comes to mind in his Ulysses. These examples are beacons of Modern Literature.

The changing tides

Your essay may clarify how the old-era books were replete with allusions towards spirits and mystique; how they stuck to a parochial template and how most stories were about good winning over evil. With Modernism in literature, the tide has changed and how.

Raising the bar

In your essay, you can emphasize on how writers have raised the bar on love (Sons and Lovers); horror (Frankenstein), passion (Sorrows of Young Werther); Magic Realism (One Hundred Years of Solitude) and life (Gone with the Wind). The character evolution, background, setting; mindset, all have changed exponentially and this is a global trend.

Going beyond

Modernism has gone beyond the ladders to such an extent that any reference to Medieval Literature appears anachronistic. Languages like English have changed in context and some of these changes have been essayed by conscientious writers.

No strings attached

Most importantly, while Medieval Literature had to abide by certain standards and could not be extremely revolutionary (there were monarchial rue everywhere), Modern Literature tries to trace unseen and feared territories. Whether it is incest or first-rate violence; sadism or psychotic affluence; the writer charts his own course.

Remember to differentiate Modern Literature with Medieval Literature in your essay and define how the trends have changed with time.

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