5 Advice on how to Write a Cause/Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays are favorite assignments for many instructors who enjoy seeing that their students can recognize the relationships in their subject areas. These assignments might be favorites of instructors, but they are not always the favorites of the students who have to write the papers. Here is some advice to make writing a cause and effect essay successful:

  1. Create a strong thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the controlling sentence of the entire paper, so you should be sure to include the major cause and effect that you will support throughout your essay. Without a strong thesis, you will have difficulty keeping your essay on task. The thesis should always follow the hook and bridge in the introduction; you never just hoist a thesis upon your writer.

  2. Use transitions. In order to show relationships, you will want to use transitional words that help show those relationships. Cause transitions include words like another, because, due to, first, for, and second. The effects transitions include works like another, as a result, consequently, resulting in, therefore, and thus.

  3. Keep the essay focused. When you have a clear thesis sentence, the rest of the essay will be easier to write. Your should be sure to keep your paragraph topic sentences focused. When you do this, your supporting sentences will be easier to write, too. Keep everything focused on the topic sentences.

  4. Choose an organization that fits with the topic. Cause and effect essays can be written in three different orders. The first is the chronological order which works well if the causes and effects occurred in time order. You could also use the order of importance if that works with your topic, with the most important events placed before the least important, or you could write it the opposite way. You can also organize the essay by categories, which does work with some cause and effect topics, too. When you choose an organization style, you will be able to keep the essay focused tightly.

  5. Create a strong conclusion. The final section of the essay is where you get to ultimately show the relationships between the causes and effects. Your conclusion should include a restated thesis as well as a restatement of the best examples in your essay. Your final sentence should reflect the hook or offer some final thoughts on the topic.

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