Common Problems You May Face While Writing an Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay can be easy in many aspects because you are given the opportunity to take a personal stance on a topic. This can be a more entertaining essay to write, but we must remember that although your main idea may be opinion based, it is important that your paper is still research based. Here are some common problems you may experience while writing an argumentative essay:

Finding Support

Once you have selected a topic or argument that you would like to prove through your essay, it is crucial to locate reputable support. The Internet is full of opinion-based articles, but these are not what you will want to use to develop you argument. Arguments or opinions must be supported with factual data or research in order to be credible. You can also quote an authority on the topic. For instance, when arguing the benefits of vegetarianism, a statement made by the FDA would be a much more reliable resource than an amateur blogging vegetarian.

Contradictory Arguments

Another common problem to be weary of when writing an argumentative essay is contradictory arguments. Make sure to thoroughly read your sources. A quote or idea from a source can easily be taken out of context, changing the meaning of said quote all together. You want to be sure to maintain your credibility on the topic, and honestly make your argument.

Avoid Personal Opinion

When writing your argumentative essay you must be sure to keep a neutral tone on the topic. There is a difference between making a compelling argument, and bombarding your readers with overly emotional personal opinion. With strong facts and reliable sources you will find that harsh or passionate language is unnecessary to prove your point.

Consider Your Audience

Your audience quite frequently influences the way you approach your topic. The means to convince an audience of college professors will surely be different from adolescent readers. You must appeal to your readers throughout the research and writing process to produce the most effective argumentative essay.

Keeping these common problems in mind while writing an argumentative essay will ensure you get the best-finished product possible. The goals of your argumentative essay is change the mind of your reader, or at least convince them enough to give their personal opinions a second thought. With credible sources and a levelheaded tone, you will surely affect your readers.

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