In Search Of A Reliable Essay Writing Company: 6 Useful Tips

Paying an external agency to produce an essay for you is no longer the preserve of the super-rich and spoiled. While it would be incredibly irresponsible of me to advocate deploying this tactic on a regular basis, there are numerous reasons why a student may legitimately need to do this from time to time. You might for example:

  • Have suffered a trauma or bereavement
  • Have other pressing commitments
  • You may be ill or have simply left it too late

Whatever your reasons it is important that you don’t feel guilty or demonized for doing this, and that you take the time to source a reliable writing company.

So, what does reliability look like? Here are my six useful tips to ensure that you don’t find yourself in difficulties:

Make discreet inquiries

Trust me, you are not the first student to have a need for this service. I can guarantee that friends and fellow students will know of several individuals or companies who offer this service. In addition to the horror stories that you will hear about the howlers that have been produced, you will also no doubt be given the names of people who have a proven track record in the field.

Follow your gut

Your gut doesn’t just tell you when you are hungry. It also tells you when something is wrong. If you have made initial inquiries with an agency and you have any inkling that something just doesn’t add up then back off before you get stung.

Pay on delivery

Payment options do vary within the industry. It is a two-way problem. Just as many students are wary of receiving sub-standard essays, many service providers are wary of not being paid. Therefore, many do request payment in advance. See if there is any way of negotiating on this, or perhaps paying a deposit.

Hire via a mainstream freelance portal

Hiring via a mainstream freelance site has many advantages. Not least the Escrow service. This provides peace of mind to both vendor and purchaser as you will pay upfront for the service. However, your funds will be held in an escrow account and will ONLY be released to the company when you are one-hundred percent happy with the service provided. This is a win-win situation for all concerned.

Look for someone who is semi-retired

Lots of former teachers and academics continue to work on a part-time freelance basis long after they have technically retired. These individuals have a wealth of experience and are widely perceived as being reliable.

Read testimonials

Most service providers have a website complete with testimonials. Check them out. Do your due diligence until you are completely satisfied.

Good luck!

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