How To Write A Proper Outline For An Essay: An Example

When you are in school, you will be asked to write many essays. And no matter what type of essay it is, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to write an outline.

Many students find that no matter how many times they have written essays, each new assignment can be a frightening task that you must overcome.

If you have the option to pick a topic by yourself, you should pick something that is incredibly interesting to you. The reason being: the more you are interested in the topic, the better it will be to write and the easier you will find the entire process. Once you find your topic the next step is to consider how much information you will be able to find on the topic. If you are starting off trying to find your topic, you will want to spend about ten to fifteen minutes at the start to consider if there is enough information out there for you to write the paper adequately. If you find that there is not a lot of information on the topic, then you may need to pick another topic. You want to make sure that you find balance between what you are interested in and what topic has information available on it.

  • Once that is done it is time to create an outline.
  • Sit down at your desk, at your favorite coffee shop, grab a cup of coffee and start to think about your topic. Do not place pressure on yourself just yet. Just use this time to make notes about whatever comes to mind. Get all of the thoughts that are floating around in your head out and on paper. This will clear the way for thoughts related to your topic. Keep writing until you figure out about five to ten points you want to learn about your topic.

  • After that you can stop the brainstorming process and wait a whole day before you start writing.
  • This gives your brain time to sleep on it and work while you are sleeping. After that you can return to your notes and craft an outline. Take that outline and check it over to see how much information is in it. If you have covered all of your points and can write a comprehensive essay from it, then start writing.

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