Finishing an essay: how to do the final edit!

There is nothing more exciting like the minute when you are finally finished writing your essay. It can be tempting to skip the whole proofreading and editing process and hand it right in. After all, you have been slaving over your essay for days, and re-reading it consistently as your write. Chances are it won’t need any corrections and you will probably get a fantastic grade anyways. Not-

The truth about essay writing is that you absolutely have to do a final proofread and edit! This is usually to double check that your essay still makes sense and to make sure that you haven’t made any silly grammatical errors. Sometimes when we write something quickly to get our ideas down our brain makes errors or skips words. This is because occasionally during the writing process we can get ahead of ourselves and not even notice. It is also possible that you may have made other errors like spelling mistakes or word ordering. By simply taking a minute to look things over one more time your can fix these little mistakes and save yourself from being docked marks.

We Recommend That You Find An Editing Buddy!

If you are all alone it is okay to proofread and edit your own essay however, if you have the opportunity it may be a good idea to exchange papers with a classmate for the final editing process. The reason for this is just like what we mentioned above- sometimes when we evaluate our own writing we miss little errors because our brain subliminally corrects them. After all, you knew what you meant to say. Having a second set of eyes on your paper can eliminate this problem. A peer editor will be able to identify any spelling or grammatical errors that you may not have notice. They also may have great suggestions for corrections you can make to the paper that will make it a bit easier to read.

It is extremely important for students to take the time to proofread and edit their final essay draft before handing it in. Whether you work with a partner or carefully edit your own essay, this is not a step that you want to skip. Taking the time to do one last edit can save you from handing a paper that has unnecessary errors or mistakes. It gives the opportunity to re-evaluate your writing one last time before you send it over for grading.

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