Mastering Academic Writing Skills: A 5 Paragraph Essay

Throughout your degree program you will be asked to write essays. It is just one way to analyze your overall understanding of a topic. It is a great tool that teachers use to gauge how well you understand the material and how well they are doing teaching it. There is only so much that a teacher will be able to assess from a multiple guess test or a fill in the blank worksheet. Anyone can make an educated guess and it is rather easy for most people to memorize vocabulary words and definitions. The real question is whether or not you truly understand the material and essay writing is a great tool to decide.

The five paragraph essay format is sure to get you a good grade on your paper. It is a basic format that can be used for almost every paper that you will have to write in school. It is the format that you learned in grade school even though you may have forgotten. Here given are some quick tips to help you nail it.

How to write a five paragraph essay:

  • The first paragraph of the essay is called introduction. It is where you will present your topic and give your reader some information about it so that they can understand what the paper is about. The introduction should include some history on the topic and also a thesis statement. Your thesis should summarize the entire paper in one sentence. It tell your reader what the paper is about.

  • The next three paragraphs are your body paragraphs and should explain why you believe your thesis. Come up with three reasons why you believe it. Each paragraph should explain a different reason as to why you believe the thesis. Be sure to use transitional phrases when going from one paragraph to the next. You can even start out each of these paragraphs like “the first reason why I believe is”, “the second reason why I believe, is” and “the third reason why I believe is”.

  • The final and fifth paragraph is the conclusion. This is where you will bring all the ideas together and restate you thesis. You should rephrase the thesis and not just write the same sentence again.

That is how you would write a five paragraph essay. It is that simple. All you need to do is follow this simple format and you will do just fine.

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