Friedrich Nietzsche was a Prussian philosopher and writer that became known for his work after his death in 1900. He wrote a number of books in line with his beliefs that were different from most. His work continues to be studied and explored even though some of it was rewritten or translated by others to provide clearer meaning. His work had a voice of its own. It was daring and bold. It questioned many thoughts, beliefs and concepts people had of their own; making readers ponder and marvel at his work.

After finishing boarding school he went to a university where he later becomes a professor. When he studied at the university he was drawn to linguistics and classical literature. Her would later teach these elements but had his own philosophy on the subject that inspired him to write his first works. The first book he wrote he distinguishes two cultures and elements that made them clash. He thought that if a balance was established it would help people get along better. They could establish a reformed self-control that would appreciate the existence of the other culture. His first book was received well and was looked at as a deep analysis on culture and its elements.

During the latter part of the 1800s, Nietzsche dealt with mental and physical problems that forced him to leave his job at the university. He lived in Europe and at times would be found wandering the streets. He wrote other books during this time that people didn’t seem to understand. He may have had other thoughts related to his personal beliefs that were brought out by his illness. These thoughts and concepts written in these books were more abstract in nature. Some believe they were more related to atheist concepts. At the turn of the 20th century, after his passing these books would get attention of readers and rise in popularity.

Before he died his sister took care of him after he was found wandering the streets in Italy. His sister shared different views from her brother, and this element would later help his work become popular. Upon his death his sister edited work he completed after he fell ill. Some believe her views would not have been liked by her brother, but she is not the only one to take a shot at translating his work. Overall, his work tries to give others a sense of where they fit in their society.

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