Twelfth Night Essay Topics: I Need An Original One

If you are taking a Shakespeare course, you will be assigned several essays on the plays and poems. Since Shakespeare courses have been taught for decades, it can be challenging to find topics that have not been written about repeatedly. Some of the plays have been taught so often that there is practically no way to create a unique topic, but some of the other plays that are taught less frequently still have new ideas available. If you are fortunate enough to have an assignment about Twelfth Night, then you should be able to find an original essay topic. Here are a few to work with:

  • Darkness and light in Twelfth Night
  • Is Twelfth Night Still Relevant?
  • Gender Roles in Twelfth Night
  • What Are Characters Hiding?
  • Celebrations in Twelfth Night
  • Meanings of the Names in the Play
  • The Roles of Silly Characters
  • Pick some quotes to discuss
  • The Role of Community

Limited Topics with One Play

Since there are only so many acts, scenes, and lines in Twelfth Night, there are only so many things that you can write about with this play. The best way to make a topic unique is to write it from your voice about your ideas and opinions. You then support those opinions and ideas with text from the play. The play then becomes uniquely yours.

Compare and Contrast Unexpected Shakespeare Texts

Another way to make an essay unique is to combine the essay with another play. Many of Shakespeare’s plays had similarities that could be discussed in an interesting and original essay. If you truly want to stand out from the crowd, you could always try to find similarities with plays that are extremely different. It can actually be fun to write an essay about two texts that have very few things in common. For example, you could write about similarities between Twelfth Night and one of the history plays or one of the tragedies, since Twelfth Night is a comedy.

Focus on the Words Rather than the Content

You could also take a unique spin on your Twelfth Night essay by focusing on Shakespeare’s words rather than the lines, characters, or actions in the play. Since Shakespeare created many of his words, you could write an entire essay just about word choice and language in the play.

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