How to write a good essay - a step-by-step writing tutorial

The beauty about the advice in this article is that it is not new. Advice on how to write a good essay in a step by step tutorial has been around forever. One of the reasons why it continues to be spoken about is because it is so effective, because it works. So in reading this advice bear in mind the fact that millions of people have written good essays, even very good essays by following this sound advice. Even if you don't think it is worthwhile or don’t agree with every point, it is recommended that you give it a try. Then submit your essay and examine the comments you receive in feedback from friends and fellow students and from your teacher or professor who is marking your essay.

It will be interesting to see if any criticism is able to be created regarding the steps you have taken by following the advice in this tutorial. Here are the steps.

  • The choice of topic is very important.
  • The quality of the research is always better than the quantity of research.
  • Know exactly what format and length of essay is required.
  • Draw up a plan or outline.
  • Stick to the point or answer the question.
  • Write the first draft fully and quickly.
  • Rewrite and proofread.

If you choose a topic which appeals to you or is something you know about already, you give yourself an excellent chance of writing a good essay. But having chosen the topic even if you know something about it you will need to conduct some research. A wise student chooses fewer rich resources rather than wade through piles of irrelevant research material.

Do not make the mistake of writing too few or too many words. Know the format required by your college or school and know precisely the number of words which are expected to be written.

Before you do any writing you must create a plan or outline. This can be as detailed as possible. Divide your plan into paragraphs. In each paragraph list the point or points you will be making. You cannot spend too much time on your plan or outline. The better it is, the better your chances of writing a good essay.

Whatever else you do, stick to the point. Don't write a brilliant essay which gets a poor score because you failed to answer the question being asked.

Once you have completed the plan and are ready to write, write as quickly and as much as you can. Do not worry about spelling or grammar or word count. Only when you have finished this first draft would you go back and rewrite and proofread. By following each and every one of these steps you will do what millions of good essay writers have done before and give yourself an excellent chance of an excellent score.

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