How to write a hook for a persuasive essay and engage the reader from the very first paragraph 

A persuasive essay is really quite the same as any essay you write: you are persuading the reader. Imagine that you are a lawyer and you are trying to convince a jury of something to help yourself or your client. That is what it is like to write a persuasive essay. Your entire goal is to present your argument and convince your reader. You need to make sure you:

  • Conduct research
  • Take bias into account
  • Present both sides

A persuasive essay is meant to convince someone of something. It is meant to tell both sides of the story and convince the reader that one of those sides is better than the other one. Truly, it is like presenting information with regard to a debate. You are going to write a persuasive essay, generally, to convince someone of something. Such as convincing a bank to give you a loan or convincing a relative to cosign a mortgage with you.

The purpose of your essay is not simply to inform the reader about a topic, it is to persuade their way of thinking to your side on the topic. Prior to beginning the essay you need to do your pre-writing. This is going to include things such as choosing your side for the essay and outlining the things that you want to say. Pick a side that you are going to advocate. Pick the one that you actually feel strong about and not simply the one that you believe will be easier. Make sure that you are writing to your audience throughout the entire process.

Remember that you need to come up with some solid evidence for whatever side you have decided to advocate. You need to convince your audience of something. People are not easily swayed by evidence if it is not convincing. Take copious notes during the process of researching the topic and make sure that you keep those notes organized so you can use them when you need them. Describe things using concrete language instead of employing abstraction. Help them understand what you are trying to say with the vocabulary that you choose to use. Help them feel the emotions instead of having them simple read about them. Use the words that you write to pull your readers in and to help them experience the things that you have experienced.

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