Crime And Justice

Group's report that movie/TV violence causes children to grow up violent. Yet most of the kids surveyed for this, also grew up around high gang areas. So how does this affect the Crime and Justice topic? It affects it by adjusting facts that affect the way crime is looked at. In effect throwing needed resources after false leads. So how to address this issue is what is to be looked at.

  1. Crimes Around Schools
  2. Cultural Differences
  3. PFS
  • Crimes Around Schools
  • When children are exposed to crime on a moderate to high amounts, it does affect their psyche. Where as most kids know the difference between movies and the real world, when the real world meets of exceeds the TV, it is a different effect. Most US studies, on violent movies, were taken in areas where violent crimes are excessive due to gang and drug related crime near schools. This in effect causes law enforcement to look at misleading facts, rather than confirmed facts. One of the favorite areas to study the kids, is in Washington D.C.. From 2011 to 2012 a separate study was done is using sensors to detect gun fires around public schools. The majority of these schools had moderate to high levels of detected gun fire. Meaning that the kids, were subjected to much more real crime and violence, in some fashion, then they were too theatrical crime and violence.

  • Cultural Differences
  • In the US there are a wide variety of cultural differences. Keeping up with all of it is a major task in and of itself. But there are a few common threads, one of which fits this subject. He amount of black related crime is extremely high. There are a lot of cultural factors at work here, and one of the worst is the “Poor Me” Syndrome that has become a major part of the black culture. This is pushed heavily by the media, and the NAACP, ignoring so many of the advances that are available to the black community. Yes, there is still work to be done, but taking it backwards does not help either.

  • PFS
  • So far one of the newest and most positive looking programs to date seems to be the PFS (Pay For Success). In this a private entity funds a project to help reform criminals, or prevent crime in bad neighborhoods. The way this works, is a Company funds a community effort. As long as the program keeps producing a positive effect, the company keeps funding it. His relieves federal and state funds of these projects, and has been show in five countries, to be turning out a higher level of positive results.

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