Simple Tricks to Writing an Essay about Education

The trick to writing about education is knowing exactly what area is to be covered. The paper that does not cover a specific area or topic of interest may end up being too broad. A paper that is too broad will result in a lower grade than a paper with a specific topic and goal. The beauty of writing an essay on education is that most people have been through some portion of the academic process. Also, most people have very strong feelings about the topic of education and everything to do with education. Children actually spend more time in school that they do at home.

Just a Reminder

Make sure the thesis statement is nice and tight and that the outline is nicely put together. Never feel bad if outline adjustments are made because the topic or subtopic does not have enough information. A working outline is always fluid.

Suggested Topics

There is a plethora of options for writing about education. Consider some of these ideas and topics:

  • Educational trends such as Common Core
  • Subject area developments
  • Standardized testing
  • Exit Exams
  • Teaching philosophies
  • Teacher training trends
  • Continuing teacher obligations, workshops, seminars, and conferences
  • Open classrooms
  • Team teaching
  • Requirements for college acceptance
  • Adjusting to junior high, high school, or university
  • Technology in the Classroom (laptops and IPads)
  • School security
  • School shootings
  • Bullying and bully prevention
  • Plagiarism
  • Graduation requirements
  • School uniforms


There are quite a few tips for writing an essay on education. Most of these are easy to use and can accompany your standard MLA research results. Do not forget the in- text citations and the bibliography (or Works Cited page) Consider:

  • Interviewing a teacher, professor, or principal
  • Take polls or surveys at the school
  • Use quotes from school personnel and from students (always ask for permission)

Educational Journals and Magazines

There are over a hundred accessible educational magazines and journals online. People in the field of education wrote most of the materials in these magazines. These materials can provide valid and credible sources for the paper on education. Several magazines and journals concerning/about education to consider are:

  • ASCD
  • Education Teacher Week
  • The Journal

Easy as Pie

Students excel when writing about subjects they know about extensively. Educational topics are great for students of all ages. Just point the children in a direction and watch them produce stellar compositions.

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