How to Write a Process Essay on Any Topic

There are two different types of process papers. Except for having the same name, they are very different. Below you will find explanations and tips for both styles of them. Make sure you write the correct form when your teacher assigns you a process paper.

Process Style One

The first style of a process paper explains how to do something. The best ways to perform the process should be explained clearly. The steps and the reasons for the steps will be explored in the essay.

Once your teacher gives you the assignment, use the following tips to write the best process piece you possibly can write.


  • Pick an interesting topic and a topic in which you have an interest in
  • Go step by step as you explain the methodology
  • Make sure you use interesting facts and clues as you write the paper to make it interesting
  • If this is a traditional process, give some history on the subject
  • Use graphics if your teacher lets you

Process Style Two

Understand that in the world of writing there are actually two styles of papers called a process paper. The tips above explain the essay for a set-by-step procedure. Another type of process paper describes or summarizes a paper or an experiment that you conducted. This process paper comes before the bigger project that you are working on. In the summary you should explain what you are trying to prove in the bigger piece. Tips for those papers can be found below:


  • Have a thesis statement
  • Explain what tools you will use
  • Explain your anticipated outcome or the actual outcome (if this is what your teacher wants)
  • Some teachers want the process paper to be written before the big production and some want it to be written after it
  • Include mention of interviews and primary sources used
  • Do not get too specific in the process paper, it is similar to an abstract for a dissertation
  • It should not be longer than a page and a half
  • Follow your teacher’s rules

As you can see, there are two different types of process papers. Before you begin to write your paper, make sure you are very clear of your teacher’s expectations. Writing the wrong kind of paper could give you a very low grade. Once you know what your teacher wants, then you can begin to write a successful process paper!

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