Where To Look For Appropriate Essay Examples – A Quick Guide

In order to write a really good essay it is really important that you have the chance to look at other essay examples to see how they are constructed, how the writer dealt with the subject and what sort of grade they got for their work.

In reality, you cannot be expected to write a book if you haven’t actually read one or do not know the best way to use your writing skills. This is likewise for essay writing.

  • It is always a good idea to start by asking your tutor for a paper example. This may seem to be too simple, but they have set you the task and in all probability they will be marking your work.
  • Your tutor may have already provided you with a few examples, but sometimes you may benefit from reading a few more.

  • Ask in your school or college library if they have any paper examples preferably ones that are not just graded but are annotated, so you can get a better idea of what to avoid.

If you do not find what you need, start an online search

  1. Find an academic search engine. Make a note of the type of essay you have been asked to write (descriptive, argumentative, narrative etc.,) and the level you are currently working at. Choose your key words for the search carefully and make a note of the order that you use the words.
  2. Check out a few of the web sites. You are looking for sites that specialise in the type of essay that you are looking for. Essentially you are looking or either homework support sites or writing services.
  3. Make sure that the sites are offering examples of the papers you are looking for. Some may ask you to sign up to the web site, but if they are asking for your bank or card details move on to another site.
  4. Remember to specifically look for examples that have been annotated.

If you can’t find exactly what you need that still staying online, specifically look for video tutorials. These are particularly helpful as you will be able to not just see an essay example, but the tutor will talk you through the marking process and justify the comments and grading. This is really good as you will be able to play the video back as many times as you want and also download the essay.

Happy Writing.

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