Rob Ford Does Crack

As early as 1911, Canada had passed laws that prohibited the importation, sale and usage of cocaine. Cocaine use drastically dropped in the subsequent years because of these laws. However, with the limited supply commanding a high cost of cocaine, the cheaper alternative, the crack cocaine was available to the market. According to the National Institute on drug abuse, crack represents cocaine processed to make a crystal rock. When smoked, the heated crystal produces vapors that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. The term "crack” derives from the sound produced when heating the crystals.

While any form of cocaine can be addictive, crack cocaine’s abuse frequently hits the news because of its immediate effects. In Canada, the high prevalence of crack cocaine use is a contributing factor to the increasing crimes. It is an attribute to increased murders on the streets, loss of millions of dollars in health care, low productivity at workplaces, and stolen property in various Canadian cities including Toronto. Based on these facts, the Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, could not escape the recent condemnation and criticism after police investigators recovered a video that purportedly showed him smoking a crack pipe.

After severally denying the allegations, Rob, finally gave in and admitted to drug use during a brief press conference, describing his shame at hiding the truth from his family and colleagues. He apologized to the residents of Toronto for letting them down. The mayor, however insisted that he was neither addicted to crack nor to any other drug. He simply owned up to making mistakes in the past, of which he publicly apologized and vowed to continue executing his mayoral duties. However, several leaders including the Toronto town councilor were pushing for a motion to have him step aside as well as loose his mayor’s powers.

The mayor felt cornered after realizing that the police had crucial evidence that could ruin his personality. As a quick reaction, the mayor called the press conference to save his name and political career. The move is a common gesture by many individuals holding public offices after their scandals come into the limelight. With the problem of crack cocaine use, especially among the youth, it is prudent for leaders in public offices to set a good example and be positive role models in eliminating the prevalent social vice.

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