Islam is a word that has its literal roots from the words peace and safety. Islam in general terms literally means ‘surrender’ and a Muslim is one who accepts to surrender his will to his almighty. But in the twenty-first century the ideologies of Islam has undergone major contradictions. Although, there are still people who believe in the original ideals of Islam and follow these ideologies there are certain group of people who have twisted these ideologies to suit their needs. Extreme Islam also termed as Radical Islam is the term given by certain followers of Islam to the fundamental ideologies to start a ‘Holy War’ as the ultimate service to Allah (Farmer, 2008). The ultimate objective of Extreme Islam is Islamic supremacy in which the mosque rules the state thereby merging politics with religion. Thus, such a struggle is termed as ‘Political Islam’.

In today’s world extreme Islamism is a major concern for national security, since it is found to be the root cause for terrorism. The government of Iran is known to be the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, closely followed by the governments of Sudan, Syria and Cuba. Extreme Islam is also known as a major cause of human rights issues since it leads to oppress women and religious minorities. In the name of Muslim Brotherhood some extremist are known to use non-violent measures of extremism by spreading their ideologies to vulnerable non-Muslims into accepting their religion. The spread of Islamic extremism is found to have well established infrastructure via mosques, schools and media along with certain NGO’s.

Extreme Islam is known to have originated in the 19th century, with the rise of the British Empire. Certain preachers of Islam perceived that with the advent of western values in Muslim countries the ideologies of Islam may weaken which lead to the establishment of the Sharia law. Under the Sharia law the mosque together with the state runs the government thereby instilling Muslim values and laws in the people. Today, the Sharia law is found to be the major cause for governmental tyranny.

It is well established that the grievance of the Muslim community towards the western countries either in terms of political or religious beliefs are the major reasons for extreme Islamism. As long as the frustration and alienation exists within certain members of the Muslim community the extremism in the name of Islam whether violent or non-violent is bound to continue. The only way to solve the issue is to shake the ideologies of extreme terrorism by spreading awareness about modernization and western democracy. This can only be bought out by reformists Muslims who condone to the ancient values of Islam of safety and peace.

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