How to use quotations in my academic essay

You need to be careful when using quotations in your academic essay. Quotations can be a double-edged sword. Used correctly and well they can add weight to your argument and show you to be a person who is well read. Used too much or badly they make your ordinary essay even worse. Think carefully before using quotations and get it right. The more you write and the more you use quotations and get comments on your essays, the better you will become at choosing the right type of quotations and the right number of quotations.

One of the main benefits of using the appropriate quotation is that it provides an additional voice to your essay. The supervisor or examiner is reading your essay and listening to your voice. You are the person speaking. But then, with the apt use of an appropriate quotation, somebody else joins the conversation. And when that person is a significant individual with an outstanding reputation on the subject of your essay, all of a sudden you have some serious support. This is where using a quotation really brings benefit to your work.

Quotations work both ways

If in your essay you are showing your ability to conduct an argument by mentioning both sides of the argument, being able to do so by using quotations can be highly effective. You are showing to the reader that you have considered all aspects of the topic and in explaining the contrary argument you can add weight to your point by citing an appropriate quotation.

Remember that there are quotations and there are quotations. Choosing the wrong quotation or one from a person who has little or no standing in the area in which you are writing, can be counterproductive. It’s easy to find many quotations. But finding the appropriate one or ones is more difficult. It is worth taking the effort as your essay score can move up a peg or three.

Know the technical requirements

Of course using the right quotation at the right time has all sorts of benefits for your writing. But knowing how to cite the reference and knowing how to follow the requirements of your college or university is likewise super important. Unless you know the correct procedure for listing the source of your quotation, you may be doing yourself more harm than good. Use the right quotations well.

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