3-Page Argumentative Essay Topics: 15 Great Writing Prompts

Writing a 3 page essay is quite simple. When you are writing on argumentative topic, you will have to be very careful and choose a side. Once you have made clear which side you are on, you will have to justify it? Once you have the right topic it becomes very easy. Te main challenge is in selecting the topic. You cannot select a topic which has strong opinion because you will have to give tried and tested points. But if you select a fresh topic on which opinions are divided, you can present new points and hope to change the reader’s point of view. If you even make the reader reconsider his or her opinion, you have written a good argumentative essay. Here are some prompts that should help you in selecting the right topic or at least you will get an idea on how the topics should be like. You can come up with many others.

Some essay topics to get you started:

  1. Should schools allow students to use mobile phones within school premises?

  2. What criteria should play the key role when deciding whether a student is eligible for scholarship or not?

  3. Is social network making people more alone and secluded?

  4. Do you find yourself distracted by the modern progress of technology? Dos the modern application and usage of technology create more distraction than help people come up with something productive?

  5. Do you think mobile phones can be used as educational tools?

  6. What age should be bare minimum before a child is allowed to handle smart phones.

  7. Do you think paper books should be done away with and replaced with digital book readers?

  8. Do you think that the modern generation is taking too many meaningless photographs?

  9. Do you think reality television is creating stereotypes among the people?

  10. What is the effect of playing video games on children? Do you think violent content can make them delusional and violent in real life?

  11. What is the best way to curb online bullying?

  12. Which sport should be taught to kids and which ones should not?

  13. Are children spending too much time behind gaming consoles rather than spending it outdoors?

  14. Should mean and women be allowed to play games like football together?

  15. When should parents start taking their children seriously and treat them as adults?

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