Academic hints on how to write essays fast and effective

When you are in school, you will be assigned essays several times each week. In some academic majors, you might have to write an essay every night. The fact that essays are a very real part of academia means that you should learn how to write them quickly and effectively. Once you learn the formatting for essays, you should be able to fill them in with the facts and opinions that are specific to each course that assigns them.

  • Learn the Structure and Formatting
  • There are just a few different types of essays and they all have similar structure. The types of essays include persuasive/argumentative, informational, narrative, and reflective. All of them require the use of a thesis statement near the end of the introductory paragraph and they all require body paragraphs that include support for the hypothesis.

  • The Hamburger Essay
  • If you can think of the essay as a giant hamburger, the image will give you a good idea of what you need to include and it will help you write your essays faster. You begin with the top bun and the sesame seeds are the interesting hook. Then the bread of the bun is the background information that connects the hook to the toasted bottom of the bun: the thesis.

    The meat and condiments on the burger are the different paragraphs and the support. Think of the meat as the topic sentences for each paragraph and the condiments as the support. Each slice of meat requires at least three pieces of support and explanations. By the time your essay is finished, you should have a large burger!

    The bottom bun is a reflection of the top bun. The toasted side of the bun is the restatement of the thesis. The bread is the reflection of the topic and a restatement of the best ideas you presented. The sesame seeds on the bottom of the bun should be the reconnection back to the hook.

  • Understand the Format so You Can Focus on the Topic
  • It is so much easier to write an essay in any academic class if you understand the formula for writing an essay. In many cases, students who understand the formatting find that writing an essay is a lot like filling out a mad-libs sheet, with the transitions and sentences structure already in place. If you know what goes where, you can focus heavily on the topic instead of worrying about the layout of the essay.

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