How do you write a good essay and get a good grade?

If you are writing a college paper or essay and you want to get a good grade you have to ensure the product you create is done so in an organized fashion. When you are writing a college essay it is important that you get organized first and foremost. Why?

Because organization is key to keeping all of your research where you can find it. Organization is what allows you to write a great paper in a short amount of time.

So for starters:

  • Create a template for your essay that you will use for the final product. If you are writing a research paper in APA format or a persuasive essay in MLA format you can find templates easily online and from reputable academic resources. You can alter these templates as you need for whatever job is at hand
  • Save a separate document for your template as well as your reference page
  • Make a separate document for every major section in your paper so that you can draft each section separately. For example: if you are writing a research paper you might need to save a separate document for your
    • Introduction
    • Literature review
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion

After you have done this you want to clear out your brain. This means you write down everything you think of immediately (or type it out) so that it does not stay in your short term memory. Your short term memory can actively hold an average of 7 thoughts at a time. If you clear some of those thoughts out and onto paper you will leave more room for additional thinking and notes.

As you write notes be prepared to leave gaps. Don’t worry about writing things sequentially. You should copy and paste your material into the appropriate document (i.e. literature review notes should be pasted into the document for your literature review).

You might consider some of the following example topics for inspiration when writing your essay:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the No Child Left Behind Act
  • Discuss what measures should be taken to curb noise pollution
  • Write about whether there should be a minimum weight limit for models based on their height and what benefits this might reap for society
  • Should human organ sales be legalized?

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