Meeting Deadlines When Writing College Essays

One of the most important components in writing a great college essay is giving yourself enough time to meet deadlines. These could be deadlines your professor gives you or deadlines you make on your own. Who would want to create separate deadlines along the way? Doesn’t that just add unnecessary stress to the writing process? Actually, the answer to that last question is no. In fact, having deadlines for your essay can make the process less stressful if you abide by them.

Reasons Why Deadlines Are Helpful

There are a number of reasons having deadlines can be less stressful. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Having deadlines means you have given yourself enough time to cover everything you wanted to cover in your essay. You are not scrambling last minute to add or delete things in you are essay as you are writing it.
  • You stay organized. If you break the essay writing process down and give yourself hard deadlines for each portion, you will be able to keep your thoughts and your information organized. You get to focus on one thing at a time and perfect it before moving on.
  • It is easier to make revisions. When you have given yourself deadlines for sections of your essay, it makes it much easier to make the necessary revisions as you go along. The other option is to wait until the end before having someone critique your work and make revisions. Either way, if you build in the time for revisions, they will be easier to make.

Brainstorming and Why It Is Important

Brainstorming sets the tone for your essay experience. If you start out strong with brainstorming the rest will fall into place with ease. That does not mean your brainstorming needs to be done in one day. It simply means that once you have a rough idea on paper of which direction you want your essay to go, it makes it that much easier to follow. Imagine how difficult it is to start writing an essay off the whim. You end up wasting time on ideas and research that you will not use as well as losing valuable time for making revisions. Your essay will most likely not flow properly and it will be all over the place since you were all over the place during the writing process. You spend more time fixing your mistakes than you do in the brainstorming process. Can you see now why brainstorming is crucial?

If you are not given deadlines by your professor, make some of your own. You will reap the benefits of being proficient and organized.

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