How to write essays for college: 3 rules that never fail

When you get to college and you have to write essays, you might begin to feel overwhelmed. Many college students quickly realize that they should have listened to their high school teachers and practiced writing. Unfortunately for college students, their professors rarely give any lessons in writing. The only help that students will get from their professors is an occasional comment on their papers. Other than the comments from their professors, students can go to writing labs, but since those are usually staffed by students, there is not much in the way of help there, either. So, if you are struggling with college essays, here are three simple rules that will help you succeed:

  1. Support your thesis. Every academic essay requires a thesis statement. Once you have your thesis statement, everything else you write in your essay needs to support the thesis with logical support. If you move away from the support of the thesis, your essay will immediately become weak and your professor will recognize this quickly. When you write, ask yourself how the sentence you are writing will support your thesis. If you are unsure, add a transition to make the sentence make sense.

  2. Write in a professional style. Professors want to see their students look like professionals. You might show up to class in a baseball hat, tee, and comfy shorts, but your work better look like it showed up in a suit and tie. You never use text lingo, slang, or other conversational language in your essay unless that language appears in a quote you are using. Professional language includes writing in a grammatically correct style, too. An essay that includes “LOL” or “cuz” or “in my essay I will” will immediately show your professor that you have no idea what you are doing and your professor might assign an “F” grade to your paper.

  3. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Most college students make mistakes when the write. This is why it is vital for college students to proofread their essays. Proofreading can be done by friends, family members, and even computer apps. Whatever you can do to find the errors and fix them will help your paper look better to your professor. Even if your essay has flaws in logic and support, the fact that it is free of any type of writing error will impress your professor enough to earn yourself a respectable grade.

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